The People

Ron Stewart Executive Vice President

Ron Stewart is a management executive who has been with FlexITy since its doors opened over 14 years ago. With over 32 years of experience in the technology industry, Ron has built programs and been in leadership roles across marketing, communications, account management, and sales, first with GE Capital IT Solutions and then at Infostream. He brings that wealth of accumulated knowledge into his role as Executive Vice President at FlexITy. Currently, Ron is most fervent about growth in data centre strategy.

Ron’s approach revolves around business-based consulting that drives an outcome for their clients – whether that outcome is cloud-based strategy on-premises, off-premises, or a hybrid-cloud solution. A lot of his focus area is around data center collaboration, communications and, of course, around FlexITy’s managed services practice. Ron is a problem-solver, meaning he doesn’t lead with a product but instead creates a cutting-edge data centre strategy that addresses the challenges facing his clients. Helping people solve their business challenges is what motivates Ron.

“It all starts with a conversation and two questions: what is the problem your company is facing, and how can we help?” says Ron. “What we’re hearing a lot right now is concerns around, and even fear around, security and compliance. So our focus is on creating secure solutions that work for our clients so that those concerns won’t keep them up at night.”

Mr. Stewart was educated at the University of New Brunswick and is a graduate of the Radio, Television and Journalism Arts Program at Ontario’s Lambton College where he finished as the top graduate in 1987.

If you’d like to discuss building a data centre strategy with Ron, please reach out. He’d like to help.