Personalized Engagement

Leverage the Correlation between Patient Experience and Clinical Outcomes

Give patients the power to engage in their care and customize their hospital experience. You’ll spark a remarkable feedback loop of patient and caregiver collaboration that not only improves clinical results, but streamlines care provision.

Engage Patients, Empower Care Providers

Personalized communications, education and entertainment for patients and their families on their terms, in their language, and according to their needs.

It means better clinical outcomes.

Improved care plan compliance

Lower readmissions

Reduced length of stay

Prevention of falls and other risks

Increased patient satisfaction


Tailored to the Patient

Each patient’s engagement is based according to their age, culture, language preference, condition and care requirements. Unique education, entertainment and communication experiences are delivered for a wide range of demographics.



Flexible Media Options

A personalized engagement is delivered on the media that makes most sense for the patient and/or institution.

A personalized engagement for Tablets

Where TV installation isn’t an option, tablets can deliver the same content and communications; in waiting rooms and/or patient rooms.

A personalized engagement for Smart TVs

With just a single hardware connection, existing or new in-room TVs are ready to deliver everything a personalized engagement has to offer.


The Largest Health Education Library in the Industry

A constantly-curated collection of over 11,000 titles from trusted content providers that deliver up-to-date information on almost every health condition. Choose from content packages that are most pertinent to your organization and patient population.

Entertainment for Everyone

A varied set of entertainment options includes culturally- and age-appropriate Hollywood movies, games, music and relaxation content. Patients and their families can also access the internet and email services.


Care Plan Compliance Pathways

Personalized pathways help patients complete prescribed interventions. They can learn about their condition, symptoms, risk prevention, medications, the hospital environment and more. They can also prepare for discharge and even buy from the gift shop. Caregivers monitor patient compliance through constantly updated EMRs while Pathways triggers, automates and standardizes clinical processes to improve workflow efficiency and drive quality, safety and services outcomes.


Open Lines of Communication

Patients, families and care providers stay connected and informed in personalized ways.


Onboard Patients

Effortlessly onboard patients and maximize practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.


Lower Readmissions

Lower the risk of readmission with health education, communication and management tools that extend care beyond the hospital stay.

Medication education is an important component in helping patients, family members and caregivers understand and comply with their healing process, particularly for our senior population. Our patients tell us that Interactive Patient Care has been beneficial toward their understanding of new medications, potential side effects and how to maintain proper usage post discharge.

Nurse Manager

The future of healthcare is changing and our vision for the new Sault Area Hospital was to lead that change. With tremendous support from the government and our technology partners, we are delighted to have built this leading edge facility for Northern Ontario. The expertise of our partners has allowed us to build future-proof networking technology from the blueprint level, helping us to deliver new and innovative services to our patients, clinical staff and community.

Jeff Weeks – CIO, Sault Area Hospital

This exciting announcement is a key step forward on our ‘smart’ hospital vision and ensuring we’re providing our community with exceptional health care that makes a significant difference. Patient-centred technology helps health care providers create a seamless care experience, all the while supporting recovery and education right at the bedside.

Mary-Agnes Wilson – Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Executive, Mackenzie Health

Woodstock Hospital is committed to its vision of providing first-class health care to our community. To fulfill our mandate, we need to be a leader in innovative, high-quality services and keep a pulse on the latest healthcare tools and technology. The Cisco Medical-Grade Network offers the infrastructure we need to provide our staff with the equipment and information they need to facilitate patient care and deliver the best health services possible.

Natasa Veljovic – President and CEO, Woodstock Hospital

With the generous contribution of Cisco TelePresence technologies, and the professional integration of this complex platform and network by FlexITy Solutions, we not only receive high-quality video to facilitate face-to face communication, but also an integrated solution that ensures a reliable, consistent experience for all users.

Neve Peric – Vice President, Operations, CIGI
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