Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Patient engagement solutions transform the hospital experience and outcomes for both patients and clinicians on a platform of future-focused technology. Each application is intuitive and human-centred. They empower both patients and providers to take an active role in their healthcare journey.


Onboard Patients

Effortlessly onboard patients and maximize practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.


Personalized Engagement

Develop more personalized engagement, and reduce the length of stay, falls and readmissions with integrated, interactive patient education and communication, while you improve the patient experience with on demand entertainment options and real-time service request ability.


Lower Readmissions

Lower the risk of readmission with health education, communication and management tools that extend care beyond the hospital stay.


Streamline Data Collection

Streamline data collection and management, lower documentation time and improve reporting and analysis.


Real-Time Feedback

Better manage and improve the patient experience and clinical workflows with real-time data, feedback, reporting and analysis tools.



Our goal is to provide you with the seamless integration of your healthcare technologies allowing you to focus on what’s important - delivering the best possible care, as well as fostering a productive and happy staff environment.

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