Better Together


Imagine the Potential

Enhancing the hospital experience to improve patient care and satisfaction, increase
clinical productivity and lower operating costs requires three elements.

Human-Centred Design

A better hospital experience can only be built on the deep understanding and appreciation of the needs of the people involved, including clinicians, patients and their families.

Review EMR data trends and CT
scans with patients and
their families
Connect patients and Grandma
in a videoconference

Easy Integration

Building IT infrastructure from scratch is a costly, time-consuming proposition. The more future-based systems can integrate seamlessly with current hospital and patient room infrastructure, the sooner it can be implemented and put to work.

Collaborate with the patient and
clinical team on the care path
Track and manage
aftercare programs

Complete Interoperability

Solutions must be available anytime, anywhere and personalized for anyone. From telehealth capabilities to advanced analytics, on mobile devices, workstations and even wearables, interoperability is key.

Communicate remotely
multiple specialists
Apply the power of insight
across the care continuum

The Potential
is Virtually

The balance between optimizing environmental
elements and technology through more holistic and
intuitive design, integration and interoperability fosters
better engagement, improves communication between
patients, families and clinicians, and offers patients
more control over their surroundings.


Integrated Technology

FlexHealth happens with the robust IoT integration of the technology in the room, all major HIT systems, including EHRs, food ordering, real-time location systems (RTLS), nurse call, staff identification and more. From telehealth and patient assessment to customized patient education, integrations help patients stay on track with care plans, improve clinical decision-making and workflow efficiency, drive effective service recovery and enable better engagement.


Integrated Partners

FlexHealth is enabled by a team of leading corporate partners, clinical advisors, solutions architects, project managers, content specialists and engineering experts. Together the partner network ensures that all elements of the technology, patient engagement, and clinical tools work in reliable harmony. This includes protection against cybersecurity breaches, centralized data centres, wireless enablement of clinical and patient apps, mobile device management, and in-room HVAC and lighting controls.

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